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Be Prepared for Black Ice on New Hampshire Roads

Black ice is an inevitable part of winter driving

New Hampshire auto accident attorneySnow and ice can make our New Hampshire roads treacherous in the wintertime. While we all know to reduce our speed during winter weather, accidents can happen when we don't plan accordingly.

Black ice is water that has frozen clear on the road or other surface. While it is often invisible to the human eye, and can come by surprise, it is an inevitable part of winter that drivers should be prepared for.  

Driving through black ice could have disastrous consequences for the driver, passengers and anyone else on the road. “You hit a patch of ice on a turn, that’s it,” said AAA spokesperson Robert Sinclair Jr., “It’s going to take some very capable driving skills, high-tech vehicular performance and nifty tires to avoid something bad happening.”

Black ice is more likely to accumulate on less traveled roads and at the bottom of hills. It can also form on bridges and overpasses that cool more quickly, as air passes both above and beneath them. Any area in which water can cool quickly, out of the light of the sun, could potentially be coated with black ice.

How you can prepare for black ice

Black ice usually forms on roadways after temperatures change from above to below freezing. Snow along the sides of the road can melt and refreeze. There are warning signs to look for, however. Simply paying attention to the temperature is a good start. When you are driving, if the car in front of you passes through a puddle and water sprays up or catches the reflection of the sun, it is not black ice and is safe to drive through. 

During the cold winter months, you should always give yourself extra time to reach your destination. When the conditions for black ice are present, you can prevent an accident by reducing your speed and being mindful when approaching turns and hills. If you can, you should also equip your vehicle with winter tire to improve your traction. 

You should also stay prepared by improving your driving skills and understanding how to react in the event that you approach black ice. It's always best to take your foot off the gas and refrain from using your brakes. You can prevent your vehicle from spinning out by maintaining control of your steering wheel.

If you or a loved one have been injured while traveling on our icy roads, contact us today for a free case evaluation. The skilled New Hampshire car accident attorneys at Burns, Bryant, Cox, Rockefeller & Durkin, P.A. can help you fight for the compensation you need.

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