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Truck Accidents

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Whether your accident happens on the highway, a residential area, or busy city streets, truck accidents are all too common, and commonly devastating. The damage these large vehicles can do is immeasurable. Passenger vehicles can be crushed, cargo can be spilled and cause an immediate hazard on the highway, rollovers can cause cars to swerve and crash. Truck accidents are some of the most frightening types of accidents. Due to their size, they are an overwhelming presence on the road, and an overwhelming hazard.

At Burns, Bryant, Cox, Rockefeller & Durkin, P.A., we are dedicated to helping victims of tractor trailer accidents as well as bus accidents recover from their ordeal. We know how hard it is to return to your normal life after a truck or bus accident. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to helping accident victims recover. Truck accidents take on a variety of forms, all of them capable of causing extreme damage to others.


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    What causes a truck accident?

    The most common reasons for truck accidents often have a few factors at play:

    • Speeding
    • Not checking a blind spot
    • Fatigued or Asleep Drivers
    • Drivers Under the Influence
    • Distracted Driver

    Any one of these causes can easily result in a potentially deadly collision. Often, a combination such as speeding and a fatigued driver can lead to one of the many types of truck accidents.  Truck drivers have a responsibility to transport their cargo safely, as well as keep the road safe for other drivers and their passengers. And trucking companies have a responsibility to make sure their vehicles are safe. This responsibility is especially great when one considers the sheer size and amount of damage a truck can do to another car, a motorcyclist, a pedestrian or even personal property.

    We represent truck accident victims

    Thousands of trucks transport cargo throughout the state of New Hampshire, and many people fall victim to accidents caused by them. The injuries and property damage can be devastating and difficult for victims to recover from. If you or a loved one has suffered as a result of a truck accident, contact us. You need reliable legal counsel that you can depend on. Depend on us.

    Rollover Accidents

    Fast speeds, especially on inclines, can easily lead to a rollover truck accident. Truck drivers often have strict deadlines to meet, and may ignore speed limits to make up time on the road. Large trucks are not equipped to maneuver in the same way as an ordinary passenger car, and thus can easily roll over when making sharp turns at high speeds. These accidents can crush other cars, cause multiple car accidents or spill cargo and hazardous materials onto the road.

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    Jackknife Accidents

    These types of accidents occur when the truck driver loses control and the vehicle lurches into a 90-degree angle, forming a shape similar to a jackknife. Generally, this happens when wheels become locked but the rest of the vehicle keeps moving forward.  The truck driver has often lost control of the vehicle, and this can easily result in a collision. A truck may jackknife as a result of a sleepy driver, speeding on a curve, following too closely, or any number of other reasons.

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    Underride Accidents

    There has been a recent push for under and side guards to be mandatory on all commercial trucks in order to help prevent the often fatal outcomes that underride collisions bring. Poor truck maintenance can easily result in brake lights that do not work, meaning that the cars behind them do not have ample time to make a complete stop. Even with underride guards (which can also be poorly maintained, or non-existent), the metal can break through windshields and the frame of a car and cause catastrophic or fatal damage. May types of trucker carelessness, including distracted driving, driver negligence and general poor driving can all contribute to a smaller vehicle becoming lodged beneath a truck. Catastrophic or fatal injuries are all too common in this type of impact.

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    Rear End Collisions

    Being rear-ended by a truck can cause major damage to any vehicle. The sheer size of a truck in comparison to a passenger vehicle often automatically results in serious damage, often totaling the cars of its victims. Trucks need a much longer time to brake and come to a complete stop, which their drivers should be trained to know. Not braking in time could indicate speeding, following too close, distracted driving, or poor reaction time due to being under the influence of a substance. Fatigue on the part of the truck driver is often a contributing factor as well.

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