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Child Custody and Support

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When the court enters an order of parental rights and responsibilities in a parenting case, child support or spousal support, all parties subject to that order must abide by it or risk being held in contempt of court. Sometimes circumstances change, and the existing agreements and orders need to be altered to account for these changes. Modification of family court orders are possible, but it's important to have legal counsel to represent your interests.

At Burns, Bryant, Cox, Rockefeller & Durkin, P.A., our child custody and child support attorneys have extensive experience representing clients both seeking a modification of an existing order, and opposing the modification of an existing order. As one of the oldest law firms in New Hampshire, we understand the family court rules and laws for modification and we can help you to craft a compelling case. Attorneys Christine Rockefeller and Sarah Lavoie are on your side.

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    Modifications of child support agreements

    Child support orders are most often determined by uniform guidelines that apply to most cases in the state of New Hampshire. Under the guidelines, each parent is responsible for a portion of a child's basic support costs equal to their share of the family income. Child support is considered to be a fundamental right for all children, and failure to pay it as required may result in significant legal consequences, including the loss of a driver's license or even imprisonment.

    Sometimes, a court orders child support based on your current income or obligations. If circumstances change and the ordered amount of support is no longer necessary, courts will typically review child support agreements upon request (usually every three years) in order to determine if any such changes have occurred. They may also review a child support order before the three-year mark has passed if there has been a significant event that warrants modification, such as disability status of parent or child.

    Modifications of custody agreements

    Like support agreements, courts do not like to upset residential placement or schedules of children and typically will refrain from making changes if at all possible. However, if there is a material change in circumstances, the court may consider a modification of a parenting agreement at any time. A move to a new state or one parent beginning to abuse substances would be two examples of circumstances that could lead to modification.

    Petitioning for modification

    If the two parties agree on a proposed change, they can simply petition together for the court to approve the new agreement and modify the original one. If there is a disagreement, the court will need to assess whether a modification is appropriate. In these cases, having a knowledgeable legal advocate on your side will help protect your best interests.

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