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Investigating Trucking Companies

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Trucking companies deal with injury claims regularly, and typically have a host of highly trained lawyers and insurance adjusters to represent their interests. This often includes a "Rapid Response team" which tries to impact the case before you have a chance to obtain legal counsel. All of these companies likely will try to do everything they can to reduce or deny your claim.

Fortunately, truck accidents rely heavily on recorded facts that the attorneys at Burns, Bryant, Cox, Rockefeller & Durkin, P.A. can use to your advantage. Trucks record the data of their drivers, who are also instructed to keep schedules and logs detailing their work hours, miles driven and maintenance records for their vehicle. Electronic devices are typically involved as well. This evidence can provide a clear picture of the elements surrounding and contributing to the accident, and it can work in your favor.

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    Black box data

    Much like commercial airplanes, a truck has a "black box" that records all vital data such as the truck's location and the speed it was traveling at during the time of the crash. This information could be critical to your claim, as it can provide undeniable proof of speeding and violating traffic laws. Disputing the data revealed from a black box will be hard for the trucking company's insurance to do when they have concrete evidence of liability laid out in front of them.

    Hours of service log

    As a requirement by law, most truck drivers must keep a record of their hours. This is called the "Hours of Service" log. If a driver falsifies the information in this log, or fails to record it, there can be serious consequences. Sadly, because drivers are usually on such a tight schedule, they often skip mandatory breaks, which can lead to a sleepy driver at the wheel and easily result in an accident. It's important to note that trucking companies are only required to keep these logs for a limited time, so it is incredibly important that you obtain legal counsel as soon as possible. Electronic devices are often involved in recording this data, and thus it is critical to have expert attorneys working on your side.

    Recorded maintenance

    Any work or servicing that the truck underwent could be of importance to us. These records could indicate problems with the vehicle, or defects, that contributed to the crash. They could also indicate negligence on the trucking company's side if these errors existed but were not serviced or if the truck did not undergo recommended routine maintenance.

    Hiring history

    A trucking company has a responsibility to hire drivers who will not put others at risk on the road. A hiring record can easily show if a new, inexperienced driver was at the wheel that day.  The same is true of a truck driver with a history of carelessness behind the wheel, or a history of substance abuse. The trucking company may be responsible for letting a negligent driver loose on the road. Someone without proper training in truck driving is a hazard to everyone, as is the case with a driver who has a history of carelessness, and it is the company's responsibility to make sure that their drivers are properly screened in all respects.

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