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DePuy Attune Knee Implant

Total knee replacement is usually successful and, in most cases, helps people live richer, more active lives, free of chronic knee pain. But when a knee replacement fails, your knee can become painful and swollen. It may also feel stiff or unstable, making it difficult to perform your everyday activities. If this happened to you, the personal injury attorneys at Burns, Bryant, Cox, Rockefeller & Durkin, P.A. can help.

The DePuy Attune (a knee arthroplasty system) promises a speedy recovery, natural movement and stability for patients in need of a knee replacement. The product was engineered and placed on the market in 2011 by DePuy Synthes, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. It is surgically implanted, and the surgeon replaces damaged bone and uses cement to hold the device in place.

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    This device has seen a high rate of failure, prompting hundreds of personal injury lawsuits against DePuy Synthes. The first lawsuits began in September 2017 and several more have been filed since then.

    Signs of an Attune knee failure

    One factor of DePuy Attune failure that has caught the attention of researchers is tibial loosening. This occurs when a component of the device (either a metal plate or cement) connected to the lower leg bone starts to loosen, resulting in instability, dislocation and possibly fractures of surrounding bone tissue.

    Medical device reports submitted to the FDA found more than 230 cases of DePuy Attune failure among patients who underwent the knee replacement. Furthermore, researchers found 21 reports of tibial loosening at the implant-cement interface that occurred within a two-month period. This didn't account for other factors that led to tibial failures, and not all cases of tibial loosening may have been reported.

    The most common factor in tibial loosening was failure of the cement to bond the device components to the bone. Signs of a DePuy Attune failure include:

    • The knee moving backwards or sideways
    • Instability of the knee, especially when weight is applied
    • Pain in the knee
    • Loss of range of motion
    • Swelling or inflammation of the knee
    • A warm feeling that occurs months after surgery

    If you have begun to experience any of these symptoms, it's urgent to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Your doctor may perform an X-ray, bone scan, or ultrasound to determine where the damage occurred. If your symptoms were caused by tibial loosening, you may be required to undergo another bout of surgery.

    The risks of an implant replacement procedure

    If your DuPuy Attune knee replacement failed, your doctor may recommend that you have a second surgery. In this second procedure, your doctor removes some or all the parts of the original implant and replaces them with new ones. This surgery is different than your first total knee replacement. It is a longer and more complicated operation.

    Not only will you need to suffer through surgery and recovery all over again, there are other risks that may occur from having an implant replacement procedure that you should be aware of.

    Whenever you have a second operation on the same location, there is a higher risk of infection, as well as a lower likelihood that the second implant will work. The surgeon will also likely need to take more bone to replace the defective device.

    If you choose to have both knees done at the same time, you’ll most likely be off your feet for months, or even a year. If the cement used to hold the device in place fails again, you could spend years undergoing even more complicated surgical procedures to fix it.

    Your legal recourse in the event of a DePuy Attune knee replacement failure

    This all can have a devastating impact on your life. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages. The types of losses that can be recovered include:

    • Past and future medical expenses
    • Lost wages
    • Loss of an ability to work; and
    • Pain and suffering

    A failed medical device can be a confusing and frustrating ordeal that can result in further complications. Undergoing revision surgery will not only require more time away from work and engaging in everyday activities, it will be costly. If your DePuy Attune failed to do what it was designed for, you shouldn't have to pay for someone else's error out of your own pocket. That's why it's critical to understand your legal options.

    The joint replacement attorneys at Burns, Bryant, Cox, Rockefeller & Durkin, P.A. want to sit down with you and discuss your legal matter. We’re dedicated to helping injury victims like you pursue justice and maximize the compensation you’re entitled to. This includes accrued medical expenses, lost wages, and additional suffering. Don’t hesitate. Contact us today for a no obligation consultation.

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