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Snow and Ice Injuries

Your injuries, your rights to compensation

Winter in Dover and Portsmouth can be brutal. Getting from one place to another can be incredibly dangerous with any method of transport. Usually, snow and ice are properly removed from roads and walkways in order to prevent accidents that cause injuries. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. Sometimes, snow or ice not properly removed can be very hazardous, especially for pedestrians.

Skull fractures, broken bones, dislocated joints and ligament tears are just some of the injuries people experience. Victims may lose the ability to go back to work in a timely fashion, or at all, and their quality of life can be altered permanently. While some injuries are unavoidable accidents, others happen due to the negligence of property owners. These owners should be held responsible by skilled legal counsel who know where to look for solutions, answers, and your compensation. The personal injury lawyers at Burns, Bryant, Cox, Rockefeller & Durkin, P.A. can help your snow and ice injury case from file to trial.

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    What to do if you are injured

    Seek medical attention, immediately. You might think you just have a few bumps and bruises. But there is no telling the extent of your injuries, or if you have more serious, potentially fatal internal injuries. Internal bleeding, concussions, and subtle spinal injuries can be hard to spot right away without the assistance of a medical professional.

    You should also take photographs of the accident scene as soon as possible. This, along with medical documentation of the incident, will prove incredibly useful in litigation proceedings while you pursue compensation for your injuries.

    You deserve compensation and justice

    Property owners are expected to maintain the safety of their grounds during winter in many ways, including:

    • Salting and sanding sidewalks and entryways
    • Maintaining dry floors and stairs
    • Ensuring any guardrails are secure and can support a person's weight
    • Have shoveled sidewalks and pathways so they can be clearly seen by pedestrians

    If safety standards, or the standards of "reasonable care" are not met by a property owner, they could be held responsible for negligence under premises liability law. While arguments against pedestrians claim they could have exercised more caution, the evidence and facts your attorney produce can demonstrate your compelling case. You were injured. You deserve compensation for your suffering. Contact our law firm today.

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