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Car Accidents and Brain Injuries

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The human body is delicate. It breaks easily and survival from a devastating event can result in serious injuries, including severe brain injuries. The car accident lawyers at Burns, Bryant, Cox, Rockefeller & Durkin, P.A. know what it takes to represent victims of car accidents who are suffering from brain injuries. Traumatic brain injuries (also known as "TBI") are serious and can have life-altering consequences for those that suffer from them due to the negligence of another.

There are several common types of brain injuries associated with the trauma a car accident causes. Some do not show any obvious symptoms for days or even weeks. That's why you should always have a medical evaluation after you've been in an accident, even if you feel "fine." You could have a serious, life-threatening brain injury and not even realize it.

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    This is the most common form of TBI, and can affect everyone from athletes to a child who has suffered a common bump on the head. In fact, concussions account for over half of all traumatic brain injuries. The severity of these injuries can vary widely. Effects may taper off after a few weeks, while some people still suffer from headaches, nausea and lack of coordination months or years later. Think you have a concussion from hitting your head in a car accident? Here are some of the symptoms:

    • Neck and head pain
    • Headaches
    • Nausea
    • Emotional Instability
    • Sensitivity to stimuli
    • Difficulty with coordination and balance
    • Slow response times, sluggish thought

    It is important that you get to a doctor right away if any of the above may apply to you. You should receive medical treatment right away after an accident, as concussions can get worse without the proper treatment and attention.

    Severe TBIs

    A severe impact to the head has the ability to cause serious brain damage. Signs that you may have a severe brain injury include:

    • Loss of consciousness
    • Seizures
    • Open head wound(s)
    • Syncope (fainting)
    • Fracture of skull and/or facial bones
    • Unusually aggressive behavior
    • Fracture of teeth
    • Loss of coordination
    • Unable to feel arms, legs, fingers or toes
    • Extreme pupil dilation

    Any pain in the head should be addressed immediately. You should be evaluated by a medical professional at once. Potentially lethal problems can arise from these symptoms, or they can be indicators of lethal conditions, like pressure and fluid on the brain that can result in a fatality without emergency medical surgery. The after effects of TBIs can be life-altering, requiring medication for headaches, constant neurology appointments, and for some, permanent brain damage.

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    If you suffered a TBI as the result of a car accident, you deserve compensation for your symptoms and suffering. You did not cause your injury. Now, you're suffering due to another's negligence. You need legal representation that you can trust. We serve residents of New Hampshire when they need it the most. Contact us today for a free, confidential case evaluation with one of our skilled attorneys to assess what the best course of legal action may be for you.

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