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Pedestrian Accidents

Dover, NH pedestrian accident attorneys representing the most vulnerable

New Hampshire is bustling with college towns, including Durham, the home of the University of New Hampshire. Walkable cities like Dover and Portsmouth are also often filled with pedestrians. And during the change of seasons, many neighborhoods see an influx of tourists heading north for the classic New England scenery.

Unfortunately, accidents involving pedestrians often occur in Dover, Portsmouth and throughout New Hampshire. Many students and residents do not own cars and rely on walking or taxis to navigate the state. And the more pedestrians on the road, the more critical it is for motorists to drive carefully and follow the rules of the road.  If you were hit by a car, our Portsmouth pedestrian accident lawyers can protect your rights and aggressively advocate for your best interests.

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    At Burns, Bryant, Cox, Rockefeller & Durkin, P.A. we represent pedestrian victims of car accidents that could have been prevented had it not been for negligent driving. A pedestrian is incredibly vulnerable when involved in a collision, and cases associated with these accidents are usually incredibly complex.

    That's where we come in. Our experienced pedestrian accident attorneys have represented many injury victims, and will stop at nothing until you are properly compensated for your ordeal. Our law firm was established more than a century ago and we have a long tradition of standing up for the rights of injured pedestrians.

    How do pedestrian accidents happen?

    Motorists are required to drive carefully and follow the rules of the road, but all too often they are careless. Speeding, distracted driving, texting, intoxication and other instances of ignoring the rules of the road can easily result in a pedestrian being hit by a car. Distracted driving is often at the heart of the matter, and it can include such activities as:

    • Eating or drinking
    • Texting
    • Using a GPS
    • Grooming
    • Driving under the influence of substances, such as marijuana, alcohol, or opioids
    • Failing to yield to pedestrians can result in serious consequences, since many pedestrians involved in car accidents are killed.

    Compensation for your injuries

    As a pedestrian victim involved in an auto accident, the value of your claim may be very high and the insurance company will be reluctant to pay the proper compensation you deserve. The interplay between different insurance companies is often very complex, and the driver's auto insurance carrier typically won't cover your expenses as the bills pile up. Even with the coverage you have purchased yourself, such as Medical Payment coverage under your own auto policy, the issues are extremely complex and very difficult for a person to handle without the assistance of an experienced lawyer.

    This compensation can be hard to come by, which is why you need an experienced pedestrian accident attorney to help you. We can be your advocates, and we will be there every step of the way until you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

    Experienced attorneys can help

    The longer you wait to take legal action after being hit by a car, the harder it often is for you to recover financial compensation. Pedestrian accidents leave the victim emotionally, financially and physically hindered, possibly even disabled or dead.

    Lost wages, time away from family, and medical bills can all add up fast while you are recovering. We want to ensure that your personal health is the only thing you have to focus on. Contact us for a free case evaluation with a Dover or Portsmouth pedestrian accident lawyer who puts your best interests first. You can trust our attorneys to represent your best interests.

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