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Car Accident FAQ – Answers You Can Trust From Our Experienced Lawyers

Let a Dover or Portsmouth car accident lawyer protect your rights

After you’ve been injured in a car accident caused by someone else, it’s normal to have a lot of questions. As one of the oldest law practices in the state, our Dover and Portsmouth attorneys have a clear understanding of the unique laws here in The Granite State and know what it takes to get injury victims positive results. Read the answers to these frequently asked questions – and if you’ve been injured, let Burns, Bryant, Cox, Rockefeller & Durkin, P.A. stand up for you and get the compensation you deserve. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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    How much does a car accident lawyer cost?

    Most car accident lawyers will represent you on a contingency fee basis, meaning you only pay fees if you’re awarded compensation. If your car accident attorney wins your case and recovers compensation, they will typically take a percentage of your award for their fees. You can anticipate paying approximately 33 percent of your award in fees.

    At Burns, Bryant, Cox, Rockefeller & Durkin, P.A., our Dover and Portsmouth car accident attorneys represent injury victims on a contingency fee basis. We also offer potential clients a free case consultation – meaning you don’t have to pay any upfront fees for us to represent you.

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    Do you need a lawyer after a car accident?

    While you are not legally required to hire a lawyer after a car accident, it’s usually a good idea to at least speak to an experienced car accident attorney to go over your legal options. Statistics show that those who don’t hire a car accident lawyer to represent them typically receive less financial compensation compared to those who do.

    The car insurance laws in New Hampshire are unique and can be tough to decipher, which is why you should consider speaking with a car accident lawyer from our experienced legal team if you’ve been injured in a collision, including being hit as a pedestrian or bicyclist. We know the best way to maximize the value of your claim and get you the highest amount of compensation possible.

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    What is the average settlement for a car accident?

    There is no set dollar amount, as the financial compensation you receive from a car accident will depend heavily on the specific details of your case. Your claim could be worth hundreds, thousands, or maybe even millions, depending on who caused your crash and what losses you suffered. You may be entitled to compensation for:

    • Medical expenses, including cost of future care
    • Loss of enjoyment of life
    • Lost wages
    • Loss of earning capacity
    • Replacement services, such as childcare or housekeeping
    • Pain and suffering
    • Enhanced damages

    The best way to get an idea of what your claim might be worth is to speak with an experienced Dover and Portsmouth car accident lawyer to go over the particulars of your case. Our legal team can listen to your story, answer your questions, explain your legal options, and help you figure out the best way to move your claim forward.

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    How long does it take to negotiate a car accident settlement?

    In New Hampshire, your car insurance company is legally required to respond within 30 business days of receiving your claim, though settling a car accident claim is often a complex process that involves a lot of back and forth with the insurance company. Depending on the specific facts of your case, you may be able to reach a settlement agreement in months, while other negotiations can take longer.

    One of the best ways to resolve your case and maximize the value of your claim is to let our experienced Dover and Portsmouth car accident attorneys handle settlement negotiations with the insurance company. Our dedicated legal team won’t fall for their tricks or let them take advantage of you. If push comes to shove, we’re more than willing to advocate for your best interests in court.

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    How much should I ask for pain and suffering from a car accident?

    In New Hampshire, car accident victims are allowed to recover damages for pain and suffering, though there isn’t a standard amount of compensation an injury victim can request because every case is different. Unlike economic damages such as medical expenses, lost wages, and the cost to repair your car, pain and suffering falls under the category of non-economic damages, meaning it’s not something that can be easily measured or calculated.

    If you’ve been injured and you’re trying to figure out if you can recover compensation for pain and suffering, let our Dover and Portsmouth car accident lawyers tackle your case. Our experienced legal team will be able to evaluate how your crash has affected your life and give you a good idea of what your claim might be worth.

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    How do insurance companies decide who is at fault?

    Physical evidence, eyewitness testimony, and police reports are all things insurance companies use when trying to determine fault in a car accident. In many cases, the insurance company will challenge the validity of your claim by trying to say the accident was partially your fault so that they can reduce your settlement offer or deny your claim altogether.

    That’s why it’s so critical to get an experienced New Hampshire car accident attorney on your side to protect your rights. Our legal team knows how to build a strong case on your behalf that the insurance company won’t be able to ignore.

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    Is New Hampshire a fault or no-fault state?

    New Hampshire is a fault state, meaning a car accident victim can pursue a claim for damages against the party that’s responsible for the crash. New Hampshire also has a comparative fault law that reduces an injury victim’s compensation by the amount of fault they share in an accident. For example, if you were awarded $100,000 but found to be 25 percent at-fault, your compensation would be reduced by 25 percent to $75,000. Insurance companies will also adjust their settlement offers based on the percentage they believe you were at fault.

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    Are you required to have car insurance in New Hampshire?

    With very few exceptions, car insurance is not mandatory in New Hampshire, though drivers are legally required to pay for any car accidents they cause and be able to show independent proof of their financial responsibility. Those who don’t meet those requirements may face stiff penalties, such as having their driving privileges suspended. If you do decide to purchase car insurance, the minimum requirements are:

    • A bodily injury limit of $25,000 per person, per accident
    • A per-accident limit of $50,000 for multiple injured parties
    • $25,000 per accident for property damage
    • $1,000 per accident in medical payments coverage

    In New Hampshire, drivers who choose to purchase car insurance must also purchase uninsured motorist coverage to pay for damages from an accident caused by an uninsured driver or underinsured or a hit-and-run driver. By law, your uninsured motorist coverage must have the same policy limits as your bodily insurance limits.

    While car insurance is generally not mandatory in New Hampshire, there are certain circumstances where you’ll be required to purchase liability coverage and submit an SR-22 form – which is essentially proof of insurance – to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles or lose your driving privileges. You will be required to prove financial responsibility with an SR-22 if you’ve been convicted of:

    • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (1st, 2nd, Subsequent, and Aggravated)
    • Underage DWI
    • Reckless driving (2nd offense)
    • Leaving the scene of an accident (aka hit and run)
    • Conduct after an accident
    • Having excessive demerit points on your license

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    What should I do if I was hit by a car?

    If you’ve been hit by a car as a pedestrian, the first thing you should do is remain calm and move out of harm’s way, if you’re able to. After that, you should:

    • Ask the driver and any witnesses to remain on scene until police get there.
    • Call the police, make a report, and ask how to obtain a copy of the report.
    • Get all the driver’s details, including insurance information.
    • Take as many detailed pictures of the crash scene and your injuries as possible.
    • Seek medical attention, even if you don’t think you’re seriously hurt.
    • Contact an experienced Dover and Portsmouth car accident lawyer to go over your legal options.

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    What is the statute of limitations for car accidents in New Hampshire?

    In New Hampshire, you have three years from the date of your car accident to file a lawsuit for damages. That means in most cases, if you try to pursue legal action against someone after this deadline has passed, your case will almost certainly be dismissed.

    That’s why letting an experienced New Hampshire car accident lawyer handle every aspect of your case is a good idea. Our dedicated legal team can make sure you don’t miss important deadlines and walk you through the process – every step of the way.

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